Air Cleaners

We know how important it is for you to have clean air. That is why we sell and install one of the top brands names. We feature Trane Clean Effects™ which is the most effective whole-house air filtration system available.

Trane Clean Effects™ not only outperforms even the best HEPA filter. It is designed to work with a Trane heating and cooling system to deliver what we call Rane Air throughout your home. Imagine having air the is heated or cooled, thoroughly conditioned and meticukously cleaned of up to an unprecedented 99.98% of airborne allergens that pass trhough the filter. Trane Clean Effects as part of your total comfort system, you and your family can breathe easier than ever before.

You deserve to have clean air. Many people believe that their heating and cooling system are already cleaning the air. But the fact is, your system might be making the problem worse instead of better. Contact us to find out how we can connect your heating, air conditioning and air filtration so you can have the purest air for breathing.